Southwest RV Tour

We survived our first “tour”! The first 8 weeks we spent in the Southwest were a whirlwind of fun, learning, and discovering new places.

Elliot’s Florida Post

I really liked Florida, it was so fun.   Legoland Legoland was well cool. The reason I said that is because Legoland is a well manly a little kid park. Like for kids Lexi’s age. I think my most favorite ride at Legoland was well. I think it's Mia's riding...

Last 6 Months + Buying Our Rig

Our plans, like the plans of many, took a turn due to the coronavirus pandemic, but in reviewing our 2020-2021 "dreamline" that we wrote down in April 2020, we mostly stayed on track. Our 2 year stint in Colorado sadly came to a close in summer of 2020. From Steamboat...

The New Plan for 2020 A.C. (After Corona)

Perhaps you remember a post in 2018 that stated we planned to stay in Steamboat Springs for 2 years and then re-evaluate. Well… guess what – as of June 10th we were past the 2 year mark. And we’ve got an update… We made our plans and wrote this post a couple months...

What's This All About?

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