The New Plan for 2020 A.C. (After Corona)

Perhaps you remember a post in 2018 that stated we planned to stay in Steamboat Springs for 2 years and then re-evaluate. Well… guess what – as of June 10th we were past the 2 year mark. And we’ve got an update… We made our plans and wrote this post a couple months...

Digital Detox and Summer Video

You may have noticed that my presence on social media has been rather non-existent for most of the summer. Allow me to explain….

7 Month Update – With Lots of Pictures!

With 7 months passing since our last post, we have a little to share and a lot of pictures.

Thoughts On The Transition

In the last several weeks, our season of transition has officially come to an end. We have the Colorado license plates to prove it! It seems a good time to reflect on all that took place during the past almost 4 months.

What's This All About?

Read more about this blog and why we’re writing it.