We’re planning on letting Elliot write one blog post per month so you can all know what is really going on. One thing is clear – they will be colorful. Enjoy her first post!

rope course – i liked the rope course ! one of the courses were a zip line & a spider web .

gondola – on the gondola we saw our first animal ! it was an elk or a deer  ! i mostly think it is a elk

roller coaster – on the roller coaster i went with dad & mom .mom went faster then dad did ! we almost fell of the track ! mom was like weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

play creek – the play creek was freezing to death .

swimming pool – at the pool i met a friend named Lexi !!!!!!!! 

store 1 – at a store i found a tun of stuff animals & they were mostly 9 99 $