I really liked Florida, it was so fun.



Legoland was well cool. The reason I said that is because Legoland is a well manly a little kid park. Like for kids Lexi’s age. I think my most favorite ride at Legoland was well. I think it’s Mia’s riding adventure. Also there was this lego movie section. My favorite ride in that section was masters of flight. It is exactly like soarin at Epcot, just a different theme. Also in the section Lexi loved this ride called unikittys disco drop.



Disney was awesome.
i’m going to tell you my favorite rides
Epcot : Test track, Frozen ever after and soarin
Magic kingdom : splash mountain, Space Mountain and dwarf mine train
Animal kingdom : flight of passage, Everest and kali river rapids
Hollywood studios : rise of resistance,smuggler run and runaway railroad


Universal studios

This park was my ultimate favorite. Why because of the Harry Potter world. I loved Escape Gringotts, Forbidden Journey and most of all Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure. Lexi loved Flight of the Hippogriff. On the ride there is a robot Buckbeak. After we went on Lexi said I want to go on the Chicken ride again :] and we’ve called it Chicken ride ever since.

I’m so glad we went to Florida !