Perhaps you remember a post in 2018 that stated we planned to stay in Steamboat Springs for 2 years and then re-evaluate. Well… guess what – as of June 10th we were past the 2 year mark. And we’ve got an update…

We made our plans and wrote this post a couple months ago. Then this thing called the coronavirus pandemic happened. Maybe you heard about it. Since we’re now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, we’re continuing to pursue the plans outlined below.

Starting in July, we plan to embark on an undetermined amount of vagabonding. First, we plan to go back to the Land of Lincoln for about 10 weeks to reconnect with loved ones. The most bitter part of this experience has been leaving our family and friends. So we’re looking forward to spending lots of quality time with you all this summer!


The Happiest Place on Earth? Yes, Please

After Chicago, we plan to voyage south to Florida for about 3 months, and you guessed it, buy Disney World season passes and ride Splash Mountain to our heart’s content.

There are some people who can’t stand the happiest place on Earth for a single day, and there are those who could live at Disney World for years and never tire of it. We are somewhere in the middle, so we figured 3 months should be good!

Our inspiration for this has is not unlike our decision to live in Steamboat – going somewhere people like to vacation but staying a little longer.

Everyone in our family is a Disney World fan (even Ryan, though reluctant to admit it) and season passes are the most cost-effective way to experience Disney. You can’t really do Disney properly in a 1 week vacation. Plus, our girls are completely princess crazy if you haven’t noticed. So zip-a-dee-doo-dah, decision made.

At the time of publishing this post, Disney hasn’t even reopened yet so we’re just keeping an eye on things for now.


Vegas Baby!!

After Disney, it’s Vegas baby! – the new hometown of my parents where we plan to stay for a couple months. Winter in Las Vegas is quite agreeable for our now cold-blooded family, and it will be a great chance to spend some quality time with them. This will hopefully be our “preparing to launch” phase for the next leg of our journey  full-time RV travel trailer around the country. One thing the pandemic has taught us (and also the Bible) is NOT to plan too far ahead though so more to come on this soon…..


So what will you do with your home in Steamboat?

We plan to rent our home as a nightly vacation rental. Ryan has always had a fantasy of owning a vacation rental (he sure is a wild one). So we are appeasing his whims and hoping to cover the cost of our home in Steamboat so we can devote funds to our other travels. We’re excited to see bookings coming in and also glad to see people are getting back to normal traveling after the pandemic.

Check out our house website at We may or may not have a “friends and family” discount if you’re interested 😉


Wait a second, what about school?!?!?!

This year, I will take on possibly the greatest challenge of my life… Homeschooling. This part of our journey gives me great anxiety and also great joy. I am anticipating all the demands you would expect with schooling two children, but also looking forward to the flexibility homeschooling will allow us, and the closeness it will foster within our family. If anyone has homeschooling advice, I will gladly take all of it. Let’s get coffee.


What are you going to do after all this?

No idea. Ryan and I both draw complete blanks when we think about life after this period of being on the road. It is exciting, but also unsettling. I believe we will want to be more firmly planted after being so uprooted, but we can’t say for sure. Life’s an adventure, right? We’re just along for the ride.