In the last several weeks, our season of transition has officially come to an end. We have the Colorado license plates to prove it! It seems a good time to reflect on all that took place during the past almost 4 months.


Trappeur’s Crossing

Before moving out to Colorado we stayed with Ryan’s parents for almost 2 months and then secured a vacation rental in order to move to Steamboat and start looking for a more permanent home. We stayed at Trappeur’s Crossing Resort twice on past vacations so we knew it would work for us for a few months.

The pool was a big highlight at the resort. Both the girls improved their swimming skills by about 500%. Also, Colorado was experiencing drier and hotter than usual weather so a pool was a welcome oasis. We never missed Happy Hour on Fridays or the Ice Cream Social on Saturdays. There was always hot coffee and the local paper in the office. The staff were all honestly the most genuine, kind, helpful people we’ve experienced at a resort. Ryan especially liked when they called him “Mr. Bowman.”

The little condo we had was a perfect amount of space for us, although Ryan’s office was basically staring at a wall with his monitors propped up on a desk. It was a good experiment to see what it’s like to live in less square feet. The kitchen was adequate but missing casserole dishes and a garlic press. We were thankful for the roof over our head but eager to move onto our permanent home with all of life’s necessities (like a garlic press).

Our time at Trappeur’s Crossing will be always be special to us as it was when we got to know the town. It felt like vacation because we were staying at a resort and exploring a lot, but the realization that we weren’t flying home in a few days made it that much more exhilarating. We also started to get exposed to lots of wildlife, spotting bears, elk and foxes from our balcony.


4 Bedrooms in 4 Months

These four months have asked a lot of our girls. They have needed to be brave and flexible and we are so proud of them. They have slept in four different places in four months not including hotels. They have learned to share a room together. Elliot has learned how to fish and ride a bicycle with hilly terrain. They have been bounced between 3 churches as we try to decide which local church is the right fit for our family.

Elliot started a new school where she didn’t know anyone and everything was unfamiliar. And really they have done it without much complaining or lamenting. Elliot only wishes she was back in Illinois when she is looking down the barrel of a consequence. (right kid, like that would be any different in another state). Stay tuned for Elliot’s 2nd post which should colorfully cover her last few months.


Back To Routine

As we have been in our new place for over 2 months now, we are surprised at how quickly it feels like home. We love it and are meeting all our neighbors in this quiet cul-de-sac. Elliot did exclaim the other day, “Everyone here is so friendly!”

With settling in our home, Elliot starting school and a variety of other activities (soccer and hippity hop dance class), I (Kathi) am craving more routine. I was feeling so fractured in this transitional time, which was, for the most part expected, but I realized that I flourish with more structure. We were decluttering, packing, moving, finishing school, packing and moving again, oh and packing and moving again.

Ultimately, my morning routine suffered most and this is the practice that has made me the most centered for my day. As the weather cools and leaves start to turn here, I hope some normalcy will be a welcome change for our family.