I (Kathi) have big plans for the next few months while we wait for all the pieces of our move to fall into place. Many people have asked me why I have stopped working months before our move, and there are a few reasons…
  • the desire to make the transition as stress-free as possible for our family
  • creating margin to spend tons of time with friends and family
  • focusing on personal growth
  • purging, packing, and organizing

For those that don’t know me well, I am really looking forward to all the organizing because I am as Type A as they come and the Container Store is my jam.

Stay tuned for more on the purging and organizing in future posts, but I want to share 3 personal growth goals I am intentionally committing to so I don’t waste this season.


1. Embrace My New Role As Stay-At-Home-Mom

My career has been very important to me, but my heart has longed to be at home full-time with my kids, especially as I can see just how quickly they grow up (ain’t that just the truth!).

Because I believe this season may be more of a comma than a period in my professional life, I want to soak up every moment with them. I’m interested to find out if the grass will actually be greener on the other side.


2. Reinstate My Morning Routine

Over the summer I was able to get into a routine of waking early before the kids to do a short workout and have some time of reflection, whether that is prayer, reading the Bible, or meditation.

This new routine was transformational for my physical and spiritual health. I felt more focused, intentional, and relaxed throughout the day when my first focus was self-care.

Once Elliot started school in the Fall, I regressed to my previous habits. Since then, I have been tired, sick constantly, and just burned out.

I have read so many compelling opinions on starting mornings this way that I had made the change before, experienced the benefits, and want to go back.

As good as my intentions are to get to this stuff when the kids are in bed (confession), I typically plop myself on the couch exhausted at the end of the night and turn on Netflix (typically Friends or Parks & Rec reruns).

So the lesson learned is that making self-care the FIRST priority of the day is key to a healthier and happier me.


3. Focus On Reading

Reading List Kathi

Those that knew me growing up know that I was a huge book nerd. I would basically go to family parties and sit in the corner and read. So the love of reading has always been there, but “mom-life” and a career sort of got in the way.

We all know the benefits of reading – instruction, learning, broadening horizons. For me, reading is critical for keeping imagination and innovation alive. And in the near future, it will also be about sharpening my focus.

In recent years, I’ve found myself having a harder time focusing on a single thing for more than a few minutes, including the pages of a book. I blame this on my phone and TV, both of which I go to instinctually for a dose of mindless distraction.

With more time and a renewed focus, my plan is to deliver a large dent to my mile-long book list.

A love for reading is better caught than taught I believe, and so it’s also really important to me to foster a love of reading in my kids. One practical way we’re doing this is by starting a weekly rhythm of going to the library with the kiddos.

So that’s my story. Clearing my mind, retraining my brain, and developing good rhythms are at the heart of these intentions. Feel free to hold me accountable!

What’s the next book on your list? What’s your favorite self-care ritual?