A lot of you have been asking what we have been up to these past few months and the bottom line is: life has been crazy! We were buying a house in Colorado, then selling our house by owner, then accepting an offer on our house, then not buying a home in Colorado anymore due to multiple inspection issues, then packing up our entire house, then moving our stuff into a PODS storage container, then ordering a second container because the one we got was too small, then moving in with Ryan’s parents, and finally closing on our home in Hoffman Estates this past week. It has been physically taxing but also an emotional rollercoaster.

We didn’t want to miss a chance to memorialize the home we lived in for 9 of our first 12 years of marriage.

In 2008, we spent 2 months looking at over 30 homes before finding this house on Gannon Drive that we loved. It was less than a mile west of the home we moved into after our wedding.

A lot of significant events occurred in this house like the arrival of our two daughters, Elliot and Alexa. This is the only house they’ve known; the place where we learned to be a family of three, and then four. Our girls learned to walk and talk here, became sister besties, and had countless dance parties together.

Our home was a sacred space. It hosted friends, families, Bible studies, and holiday parties. This past Christmas Eve was very special to us as we got to host a traditional meal for Kathi’s family for the first time. We even had a food truck on our driveway to celebrate Alexa’s dedication a couple years ago. We hope that our family and friends felt loved and welcomed in our home.

The house was beautiful when we moved in, but we did our best to add function and value with a few projects. When Ryan started to focus on his business full time and work from home, we decided to build an addition to give more functional living space and an office. We also remodeled the kitchen when Elliot was 3 months old. As anyone who has completed these types of remodeling projects knows, they serve to make a house feel that much more uniquely yours.

As we packed up our home, photos came off the walls, dishes went into boxes, and stuffed animals were shoved into bags. Seeing the blank walls and empty spaces made us realize that we made this house a home. It sounds cliche and like something your grandma needlepointed and framed on her wall, but it was reassuring to realize our home is with each other and will go wherever we go.

After the closing, Ryan and I felt mostly strange. This place we had called home for 9 years was no longer ours. We had a long move-out period to prepare ourselves emotionally, but even after the papers were signed and the check was in hand, it still didn’t feel right to drive by the house and not turn into the driveway. For us, this serves as a reminder to cherish the time we spend in a home as a family because it doesn’t last forever. We’re extremely grateful for the years we spent on Gannon Drive.

At this point, we have our sights set on a specific community in Steamboat Springs, but the right door hasn’t opened yet for us to make an offer. It’s a reassuring realization that we are bringing “home” with us and this should serve to lighten the burden of finding the “perfect” house.