It figures… You move to Colorado and get a little lazy so that you can’t even keep up with a bi-weekly or monthly blog post! To be honest, we have been a little lazy, but life has been full and very good. We figured with so much time passing, it would be good to share an update post. So here it is…

The last post was October 2018, so it’s been about 7 months since the last time we posted. Here’s a little bit about what’s happened since then.


First Winter Season In The Books…

Being on the mountain in winter is one of the main reasons we moved here and our first winter season did not let us down. It was a slightly above average year for Steamboat in terms of snowfall but “average” in this town means LOTS of snow! Slightly above average this year meant 72 days of snowfall with 320” total precipitation. As I write this in mid-may, the snow is still melting at the top of the mountain and we actually had snow in the last few days that melted pretty fast.

Needless to say, we spent some quality time with the trademark Champagne Powder® that makes Steamboat famous. Being 5 minutes from the mountain and able to head out whenever we woke up to a powder day was pretty rad. Yes, I earned my right to use the word “rad” this year I think. 😉

Ryan and Kathi both logged over 50 days on the mountain. Elliot skied over 30 days and progressed from the bunny hill to getting down a few black diamond runs at the end of the year with dad. Lexi exceeded expectations and graduated from the bunny hills to ride up chair lifts and down the mountain from the top on the 3 mile “Why Not” trail, a Steamboat favorite for beginners.

Some pictures will help to tell the story of our winter…

Your Vacation Is My Vacation

We’re coming up on 1 year of being in Steamboat and so far we’ve hosted family and friends for about 35 days total as evidenced in the photos above.

So that amounts to having guests 1 out of 10 days! It’s been a blast and spending some quality time with people in our home has been a remedy for the biggest problem we had in leaving Chicagoland – saying goodby to family and friends.

Hosting people here is like a forced vacation for us too. So you add up 50 days on the mountain and 35 days of hosting guests (with some overlap) and you can see why it’s been difficult to write any blog posts. I’m not complaining, but I am making excuses!

Spring Weather In The Mountains

Mud Season?

We’re now in the midst of our first mud season when the snow is melting off the mountain and there’s a good amount of rain. In mud season, tourism slows down, restaurants offer deals to locals, and the snow is melting in the moutains.

There’s something refreshing about seeing water flowing down the mountain. Everywhere you look there are small streams and quickening creeks all flowing down to the rushing Yampa river.

Spring Creek Picking Up Some Speed In Recent Weeks

One of the treats of living here is seeing the change of the season that the summer and winter travelers miss. It’s a perfect time to rest, catch up on work (from all the winter hours playing hookie), and enjoy having the town to ourselves.

There’s not as much to do outside because the ski mountain is closed and most trails are too wet for hiking and biking.

Mud season won’t last long though and we’re looking forward to hitting summer hard with mountain biking, hiking, and exploring the area a bit more. Last year we got here in June and moved into our house in August so the summer was filled with a lot of transition. This summer we’re settled and ready to get out there.

There’s still plenty to do in the shoulder season too. It’s been warm enough to ride our bikes on pavement, go for a run by the river, and the hot springs pool is a highlight for the kids since it allows us to swim outside all year long!


Other Happenings Since Our Last Post In October:

  • Two trips back to Chicago – one for Thanksgiving 2018 and one for Kathi’s Grandma’s funeral in March 2019
  • Lexi started preschool on Monday and Friday for the full day so mommy and daddy are enjoying our first taste of having both kids in school. It ain’t so bad.
  • Elliot’s cruising through 1st grade and only has about 10 days left. She’s made a ton of friends, learned the art of being teacher’s pet, and worked the birthday party circuit which helps us to meet lots of people. She just finished dance, started soccer, and restarted piano lessons so she has plenty to keep her busy.
  • We made a quick trip to Winter Park, Colorado in April to extend our winter season and check out another mountain that’s included on our IKON Pass.